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Community Dialogue with Chief Diversity Officer To Take Place

A date for a community dialogue between Gallaudet LGBTQ students and current Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, who was reinstated in her position earlier this month, has finally been set. The dialogue will take place on the evening of February 5th on the Gallaudet campus. Consultants from the Washington Consulting Group have been hired to facilitate the discussion. If you are part of the Gallaudet LGBTQ community and would like to attend, please contact the Gallaudet LGBTQA Resource Center located in HMB N113 for the exact meeting time and location.

*** Update: This event has been cancelled. ***

  • I find it very interesting that Gallaudet chose the Washington Consulting Group. Hearing consultants, I am sure. Gallaudet was not able to find Deaf consultants?

  • Mac

    I guess they were not.

    My question is, why would I as a student want to go to this “dialogue,” when I feel that she is not about to show any understanding that what she did was hurtful. I don’t need to be told that she will pray for me because I take issue with the way she has handled this.

    I do think she is doing her best to protect herself, and I guess I can’t fault her for that in itself. But I don’t want to go to a dialogue that I will leave feeling bad.

  • gogallybison

    Fire her already.