McCaskill Attends Deaf LGBT Event

“Awkward” and “uncomfortable” were what most people reported feeling upon seeing Gallaudet’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, at the Deaf LGBT “The Unveiling: Community Needs Assessment Celebration” event that took place this evening at Gallaudet’s Ole Jim. This is the first Deaf LGBT-related community event McCaskill has reportedly attended since her reinstatement in January.

“I don’t understand why she came,” one Gallaudet student told Planet DeafQueer. “There has been no apology and no dialogue. Does she think we’re just going to forget and move on?”

CNAAnother student told Planet DeafQueer that he was pissed off. “She shouldn’t have been there,” he said. “Not until she makes amends. I felt like she was invading my space.”

McCaskill, who arrived shortly before the event began, sat inconspicuously in the back of the room. This is unusual for a high ranking Gallaudet administrator. Normally, administrators such as the CDO are seated in the first row, especially at diversity-related events.

“I think she didn’t want to draw attention to herself,” a faculty member told Planet DeafQueer. “She was probably as equally uncomfortable being there as were those around her. I don’t blame her.”

McCaskill did not speak during the event and only stood before the audience when event presenter, Alex Jackson Nelson of Gallaudet’s LGBTQA Resource Center, acknowledged her along with a group of other individuals.

McCaskill left the Ole Jim before the event ended. Not long afterwards, she issued the following statement to the campus community.


  • If Dr. McCaskill had any ethics at all, she would resign as CDO. She has shown the LGBT Community no remorse for her bigoted actions and her behavior throughout this entire ordeal has made me lose all the respect I ever had for her! (Even her recently emailed statement seems unapologetic, beginning with “In late October, I exercised my right to sign a petition”, instead of “In late October, I exercised my right to be a bigot!”)

    How can Gallaudet University expect ANY student to learn from, or to respect the views of, a Chief of Diversity who is a bigot, a hypocrite, and unqualified for her job?!?!?! Shame on Angela for her selfish, discriminatory behavior… and shame on Gallaudet University for allowing her to keep that job!

  • A Gallaudet Student

    How about you leave the poor woman alone? I’m beginning to think you have something personal against her. You haven’t discussed both sides of this issue; so your point is moot. Showing up to this event affirmed her support. Let me take you on a journey. What if Dr. McCaskill hadn’t shown up to the event on Friday? I’m willing to wager your headlines would have read something to the effect of “Dr. McCaskill didn’t show up to an event — she really is against the gays.” You’ve put her in a lose-lose situation. Buck up or shut up.

    • Mark

      Yea, let’s leave this poor, poor woman alone [sarcastic].This poor woman who earns over $200,000 a year in her position as chief diversity officer, a position that should be held by someone that truly supports all minority groups.This poor woman had no qualms about putting up a minority group’s rights [MINE] up for vote. This poor woman has yet to apologize for the betrayal, mistrust and harm she’s caused, not to mention the nationwide embarrassment her action caused to Gallaudet. What I’d like to see are more articles holding the Gallaudet administrators accountable for not firing her. Why is she still in her position??????!

      • A Gallaudet Student

        I get why you are upset; I really do. But you are not thinking rationally. You’ve failed to answer my question, too. What would you have said if Dr. McCaskill chose not to attend the event. That “anonymous” faculty member (that is not so anonymous), would have made even more slanderous comments about her speculation as to why Dr. McCaskill did not show up. I will reiterate what I previously stated. Her attendance to the event affirmed her support for the student body.

        What you have not acknowledged, in your own argument, is that Dr. McCaskill has already established meetings with all constituents of the University:

        Faculty Senate, Monday, March 11, 4-4:30 p.m.
        LGBTQ Students, Tuesday, March 12, 6-8 p.m.
        Gallaudet Staff Council, Thursday, April 4, 12:30-1:50 p.m.

        You are right she has not apologized; but this is the step in the right direction. Another question I have for you, “Mark,” is are you ready to enter this discussion with Dr. McCaskill. She also mentioned this in her campus wide e-mail on March 1, 2013:

        “Since my return in January, I have been working constantly with members of the DAB, President Hurwitz, and others to bring reconciliation to OUR community at Gallaudet. Prior to my return, the DAB began working with an external consulting group to develop effective ways to dialogue in order to restore harmony. My sincere thanks to DAB for all its efforts and strategic planning. I look forward to our continued partnership.”

        But you failed to mention that as well… Again, if you are going to continue to complain about something, make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you post “hate mail.” If you are a student on this campus, or even an employee of Gallaudet, I suggest you seriously rethink what the goals of a Higher Education are, your cultural competency, as well as your “grown-up” skills. You cannot crucify somebody because you disagree with their actions — this is not the Roman Empire.

        I will say it again: buck up or shut up.

        • Mark

          No, apparently you really don’t get it. And how mature, “buck up or shut up.” How old are you? Ten?

          Her showing up does NOT in anyway”affirm her support” as far as I’m concerned. It just makes her look all the more like a hypocrite. She showed up because she had to for appearances-sake. It’s as simple as that. She doesn’t want to lose her $200k+ per year salary. She doesn’t seem to care or understand that she has alienated an entire community that she’s supposed to serve in her role as chief diversity officer. It’s clear she thinks she’s done nothing wrong.

          All eyes will be on these so-called dialogs she plans to hold. Unlike at the CNA, I won’t be as polite this time. I expect answers and an apology. And if she can’t provide them, she needs to be fired and replaced with someone that isn’t a homophobe. Simple as that.