Blast from the Past: Day of Decision Protest 2009 Video

Day of Decision Protest Video – May 26, 2009 – San Francisco, CA

Footage from the May 26 march and rally in San Francisco protesting the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8.


Black Screen with words: May 26, 2009 San Francisco, CA

[Protestor sign: An injury to One is an injury to All. Fight Bigotry. Overturn 8]

Female protestor (Sel Stanley) marching: “Now we march to protest Prop 8 on Market in SF.”

[Images of the protestors marching]

On Stage – Interpreter (Jennie Batchelder): “Unfortunately today the State Supreme Court has decided that the state Constitution allows people to decide and control (unclear)..”

Male in yellow shirt (Jon Kastrup): “How I feel about the decision today‚Ķ I always have hope. Think positive. Keep going.”

Stage: “Support our love. Support our equality.” (unclear)

Man in white baseball cap (David Rose): “My name is David Rose. Shit, the decision today. Darn aother time we’ll win for sure. Equality for all. Thank you.”

Interpreter wearing glasses (Jennie Batchelder): “My name is Jeannie. I come here, why? I believe in equal rights for all people. I support important to provide information and share with each other. If keep pass on to others we each like light … water drip in water make it ripple outward. Me feel drip. You drip. Other you drip. More ripples outward to the whole world. That’s why I came today. ILY.”

Man blue jacket (Todd Higgins): “When I first read about decision on what? Yes, I read and also next I read the court decision itself almost 158 pages. I read through it. Interesting the Supreme Court Justice says I understand but I cant involve my personal feelings, my point of views, my beliefs… understand that and put aside. understand the problem is California State Constitution makes it easier for any groups feel something to change or amend constitution propose what is called initiatives. If pass 50% or above, it pass to amend to change. That is the flaw. Interesting the SC Judges use Minnesota and other States as an example that they allow that to change Constitution except select some rights can’t change at all so it seems that SC Judges put in. Think about that. I feel wow it’s bit negative that we lost now but they still put in … put seed in or give us food of thought. I feel future hopeful still continue til one day we will overcome successfully. Important we not obsesses about we failed, we lost. Now failed but someday will succeed. Important we work together united and educate everyone that marriage is not a special rights… it’s an equal right. Important work with your support with your unity we will succeed.”

[Black screen with words: The fight for equality continues.]

[Protestors marching holding hands.]

Video credit: (c) 2009 Deaf Queer Resource Center. All Rights Reserved.

[Video produced and edited by Drago Renteria]

Video text transcription by Nanette Edwards for Planet DeafQueer