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John Meletse – DEAF PROUD HIV+ GAY

John Meletse is Deaf gay black man from South Africa.  He was the first black Deaf South African to publicly come out as gay. A year later he was the first Deaf South African to disclose his HIV status. He shares his story in this video.  Video courtesy Open Society Foundations.

Coming Out…

An awesome video from Lauren Hostovsky and Marisa Mills.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Come out to someone you haven’t!

The Deaf Queer Resource Center has been collecting and documenting DeafQueer coming out stories since 1997.  Yep, you read that right… since 1997!  Not all of the stories we’ve collected are online yet but you can find quite a number of them on the Deaf Queer Resource Center’s website.

In celebration of National Coming Out Day, we’ll be adding some new DeafQueer coming out stories today.  Watch for them!

Update: Due to technical difficulties, we were only able to add one coming out-related video today.  Not to worry, we plan to add one new video  each month beginning this month.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Our Stories: Ace Gilliam

This captioned video, featuring Deaf Gay Ace Gilliam, is part of the “I’m from Driftwood” series of stories by LGBTQ people.

After watching the video, we tracked down Ace for a mini-interview. He’s now 21 and still calls Las Vegas home.

Planet DeafQueer: Tell us a little bit about how you came to participate in this video project.