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John Meletse – DEAF PROUD HIV+ GAY

John Meletse is Deaf gay black man from South Africa.  He was the first black Deaf South African to publicly come out as gay. A year later he was the first Deaf South African to disclose his HIV status. He shares his story in this video.  Video courtesy Open Society Foundations.

ORAD Workshop

Deaf Queer & Trans Womyn in Healthy Relationships


Sharing and discussing what a healthy relationship looks like in woman and queer and trans-identified relationships.

Spain Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality

Breaking News: Spain’s Constitutional Court upholds marriage equality law originally passed seven years ago.  Read more

UK: Signs of the Times - Deaf Gay Signs in UK

In the Press: “British Deaf Community Minds Its Language”

An article in today’s Guardian briefly discusses a recent study that highlights the evolution of British Sign Language. Deaf gay signs are mentioned.  Read it here.

Queer Marriage Legal in Mexico

Today is Mexican Independence Day.  ¡Viva La Raza! Did you know that LGBT marriage is legal in Mexico?  In August 2010, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that all 31 Mexican states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in its capital, Mexico City.  And as of May of this year, marriages performed in Quintana Roo are also recognized.  Learn more about LGBT rights and struggles in Mexico.

Translator Added to Planet DeafQueer

We’ve added a language translator plug-in to Planet DeafQueer.  The plug-in uses Google Translate.  While not 100% accurate, it does a decent job of translating a fair amount of our content into other languages for our International visitors.

Unfortunately for our signing-impaired visitors, Google does not currently offer a sign language option.

The translator can be found at the top of our website. You can “turn off translation for this site” in the Options area at the right top of the site.