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Translator Added to Planet DeafQueer

We’ve added a language translator plug-in to Planet DeafQueer.  The plug-in uses Google Translate.  While not 100% accurate, it does a decent job of translating a fair amount of our content into other languages for our International visitors.

Unfortunately for our signing-impaired visitors, Google does not currently offer a sign language option.

The translator can be found at the top of our website. You can “turn off translation for this site” in the Options area at the right top of the site.

Planet DeafQueer Tip: “View All”

Updating photos and videos on our main page is a bit time consuming and as a result, that part of our website will only be updated on occasion.

This month, we’ll be adding a lot of new content to Planet DeafQueer.  To ensure you don’t miss anything, use the “View All” link on the left side of our website menu bar to see a summary of all recent postings.