First Person: What We Can Expect from Dr. McCaskill’s Press Conference

By M. Matton

Ever wish you had a crystal ball that could predict the future? I bought a crystal ball at a fair once when I was 10. This morning, I took it out of the attic; I wanted to see if it would give me a glimpse of what we can expect at today’s news conference.  It wasn’t much help but I do have some hunches.

What we are likely to hear from or about Dr. Angela McCaskill today:

  • She is not anti-gay.  Her lawyer has already stated this in a statement.  We’ll hear it again.
  • She loves gay people, has worked with gay people for many years and has many gay friends.
  • She may reveal or hint that someone in her immediate family is gay.
  • The petition itself is not anti-gay and she signed it as part of her civic duty to allow Marylanders the opportunity to vote and have a final say on the law. (My comment: This is a total cop out. Everyone except the very clueless knows that the spirit behind the petition is to overturn the new pro-gay law. If you support the law, why would you want to put it up for vote with the possibility of having it overturned?)
  • Signing the petition doesn’t indicate how she or anyone else would have voted in the election. (My comment: Ummm… yeah, right.)
  • Signing the petition does not make her anti-gay. (Her rationale: You can be against gay marriage and still love gay people, right?  Love the sinner, hate the sin.)
  • She does not reveal what her stance is on gay marriage and leaves us wondering.  (My comment: If she does this, it is a clear indication to me that she does not support gay marriage, otherwise she’d say so outright.)
  • Her attorney steps in and points out that she has the right to free-speech and is being persecuted for exercising her first amendment right. (My comment: This is not a free-speech issue.)
  • Her attorney states that Galladuet President T. Alan Hurwitz did her an injustice by placing her on paid administrative leave for signing the petition. (My comment: I disagree. She was not placed on leave for signing the petition per se but because it was clear that this act raised questions as to whether or not she was suited for her position. And those are valid questions that linger.)
  • Her attorney hints at a possible lawsuit against Gallaudet if she’s not immediately reinstated. (My comment: Bully. Insert your favorite lawyer joke here.)

What we would LIKE to hear:

  • She loves us and supports us 150%.
  • Yes, she felt pressured from her church and husband to sign the petition but that come November 6th, in the privacy of the ballot box, she would have voted FOR gay marriage in Maryland.
  • She apologies for the pain and mistrust this misunderstanding has created.
  • She declares her unwavering support for gay marriage and all other equal rights gay people are due.
  • To show her commitment and help rebuild trust that has been lost, she pledges to do all she can to help get Question 6 passed in Maryland between now and election day. (My comment: We can dream, right?)
  • She states all of the above not to save her job, but because she sincerely means it.
  • Bonus: She announces she is leaving her current church, which is actively trying to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, for one that is gay-friendly.
  • She states that, like her church, she believes marriage should only be between a man and a woman and tenders her resignation. (My comment: Not my favorite outcome but I will respect and admire her for owning her beliefs instead of making us wonder what they are by remaining silent about them.)

Ideal Outcome

She apologies, declares publicly her support for gay marriage, and vows to rebuild bridges with the gay community on campus.

If on the other hand, she is opposed to gay marriage, she states so.  And if she believes this, she should not be serving in the role of chief diversity officer.  She is not fired but reassigned to a different position at Gallaudet with similar pay.

Most Likely Outcome

Due to mounting public and media pressure and the threat of a lawsuit from Dr. McCaskill, President T. Alan Hurwitz will feel he has no choice but to reinstate her.  Over time, she will win some gay student’s trust, but the gay community as a whole will never trust nor forgive her after this incident. Her integrity will constantly be questioned.  Realizing this, she will eventually resign.


Disclaimer: These are my own opinions. I don’t speak for the entire deaf gay community. This article was written prior to President Hurwitz’s announcement this morning and prior to Dr. McCaskill’s press conference this afternoon.