Maryland Marriage Alliance Quietly Removes Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Featuring McCaskill

The anti-gay marriage organization, Maryland Marriage Alliance, has quietly removed the advertisement they posted on YouTube featuring Gallaudet’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill.  The ad, which was broadcast widely on television stations in Maryland, urged people to vote against Question 6.

We last reported that Gallaudet had been working with its attorney to get the ad removed citing that the images and video used in the ad were obtained without permission from Gallaudet’s website and are Gallaudet’s intellectual property and copyrighted.

Gallaudet has apparently succeeded in getting the ad removed, at least from YouTube. The Maryland Marriage Alliance McCaskill ad disappeared from YouTube yesterday and in its stead is a notice stating, “Question Six Doesn’t… This video is no longer available due to copyright claim by Gallaudet University.”

There is currently no notice on the Maryland Marriage Alliance’s website, Facebook or Twitter feed acknowledging the ad’s removal.


Update: Eleven hours after we posted this story, Maryland Marriage Alliance issued the following statement on their website…

Statement in Response to Gallaudet’s copyright protection claim:

“Gallaudet University has made a false claim of copyright protection of the footage that features Dr. McCasill and You Tube has suspended the ad pending an investigation. We are vigorously contesting the claim as the use of the footage is clearly governed by the FCC’s ‘Fair Use’ doctrine. Federal law provides that the use of a small part of copyrighted work is fair use for purposes of news, opinion or commentary. This ad is addressing matters of public interest that are important to understand before voting. Our attorneys will be examining potential legal claims against Gallaudet, which has wrongfully suspended Dr. McCaskill and now is trying to prevent the public from being informed of their actions.”

We stand corrected.  The ad wasn’t removed by Maryland Marriage Alliance but by YouTube. We were unable to confirm at this time whether Gallaudet also succeeded in having the ad pulled from local broadcast television stations.