McCaskill Attends Deaf LGBT Event

“Awkward” and “uncomfortable” were what most people reported feeling upon seeing Gallaudet’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, at the Deaf LGBT “The Unveiling: Community Needs Assessment Celebration” event that took place this evening at Gallaudet’s Ole Jim. This is the first Deaf LGBT-related community event McCaskill has reportedly attended since her reinstatement in January.

“I don’t understand why she came,” one Gallaudet student told Planet DeafQueer. “There has been no apology and no dialogue. Does she think we’re just going to forget and move on?”

CNAAnother student told Planet DeafQueer that he was pissed off. “She shouldn’t have been there,” he said. “Not until she makes amends. I felt like she was invading my space.”

McCaskill, who arrived shortly before the event began, sat inconspicuously in the back of the room. This is unusual for a high ranking Gallaudet administrator. Normally, administrators such as the CDO are seated in the first row, especially at diversity-related events.

“I think she didn’t want to draw attention to herself,” a faculty member told Planet DeafQueer. “She was probably as equally uncomfortable being there as were those around her. I don’t blame her.”

McCaskill did not speak during the event and only stood before the audience when event presenter, Alex Jackson Nelson of Gallaudet’s LGBTQA Resource Center, acknowledged her along with a group of other individuals.

McCaskill left the Ole Jim before the event ended. Not long afterwards, she issued the following statement to the campus community.