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Names of Deaf Lost to AIDS

World AIDS Day is always an emotional day for us. We have lost so many amazing people in our community to AIDS. We often wonder what our community would be like if they were still with us.

Each year on this day, we update the Names of Deaf Lost to AIDS website. Adding new names to this list is always heart wrenching.

This year, eleven new people have been added to the list; Twenty-five new memorial pages have been created.

Please take time today to remember those special we’ve lost as well as those who are still with us who are living with HIV.

Visit the website at:

Play safe and get tested often!

[The Names of Deaf Lost to AIDS website is maintained by Drago Renteria and the Deaf Queer Resource Center. A big thanks to everyone who sent in names, obituaries and photos.  An extra special thanks to Bob Rourke and Nanette Edwards.]