Rochester, NY: “The T in LGBT: A Journey from Female to Male”

If you’re in Rochester, New York, don’t miss this presentation!

Safe Zone: Ally Training
“The T in LGBT: A Personal Journey from Female to Male”

Presented by Drago Renteria and Jennifer Mantle

MARCH 13, 2013 (Wednesday)

6-9 PM

SDC 1300/1310
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

* Free Food
* ASL Interpreted

About the Presentation:

In this widely acclaimed, thought-provoking and informative presentation, Drago Renteria and his longtime partner, Jennifer Mantle, will help inform, educate and enlighten us on issues that affect transgender and transsexual individuals. Utilizing powerful images and healthy doses of humor, Drago will share his personal journey making the physical and cultural transition from female to male. Jennifer will share her perspective as the partner of a transman, lead us through issues of transphobia and educate us on how to be trans* allies.

Presenter Biographies:

Drago Renteria is a Deaf, Chicano transman who is passionate about making a difference. He has presented to diverse audiences nationwide on LGBTIQ issues. He is founder of the national Deaf Queer Resource Center and has served on numerous local and national boards including the boards of the Youth Gender Project, the Transgender Law Center and FTM International. A speaker in demand, Drago is adept at making his audiences feel at ease when discussing sensitive topics. Drago is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and did part of his undergraduate work at Gallaudet University.

Jennifer Mantle has been presenting with Drago on issues relevant to the transgender community and her experience as the partner of a transman for ten years. She served on the board of Female-to-Male International for two years and facilitated a support group for family and partners of trans* people for four years. She was awarded the Transgender Law Center’s Community Ally award in 2005. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Hayward, and has a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality. She is a RID certified sign language interpreter and lives blissfully in San Francisco with Drago and their off-the-charts brilliant service dog, Magnus.

Sponsored by NTID Student Life Team, RIT Residential Life, NTID Office of President Buckley, RIT Center of Campus Life, Spectrum, Lilac Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, NTID Master of Science in Secondary Education, NTID Cultural & Creative Studies, RIT GLBT Center.

With special thanks to Bryan Lloyd.