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Bisexuals: Part of Our Community

Bisexuals: Part of Our Community

By A. Elizabeth

The Queer nation is much like the Deaf community, and is made up of all races, cultures, backgrounds, religions, economic status and kinds of people coming together to create it. One of our symbols is a “Rainbow Flag” that stands not only to symbolize our strength and free expression, but also our rich diversity. But in reality, are we really accepting and diverse? 

Thank You for Sign Dancing - NOT!

Thank You for Sign Dancing – NOT!

By John McBride

I’m an interpreter who works on-stage at queer events. Once, after a concert, a hearing dyke came up to me. She said, “Thank you for sign dancing! I don’t know sign, but it’s so pretty – it’s dancing!”

Sign dancing???? She meant well. But like many hearing queers, she had a funny ideas about signed music and interpreters. So here are some thoughts for CTN Magazine’s hearing readers. First, the sad tale of a love gone wrong:

Once upon a time, I had two lovers. One lover was ASL. My other lover was Music.