“Yes to Love” – A Mini Documentary

Blast from the Past

October 2008

Deaf Lesbian couple Lisa Marie Wilson and Noreen Yates legally marry in this mini-documentary that was shot on October 29, 2008 in San Francisco. The couple feared their marriage would be declared invalid if Proposition 8 passed in California on November 4th, 2008.

The 2008 Election

Proposition 8 did in fact pass, unfortunately. However, because Lisa Marie and Noreen married prior to its passage, the court declared their marriage still legally valid in California.


The couple remains happily married four years later and are the proud parents of an adorable baby girl with another child on the way.

About the Video

This video was created because marriage equality organizations in California were not closed captioning or adding subtitles to their online videos and television commercials despite repeated requests, and thus missing an important and often overlooked voting bloc, the Deaf community. The video was shot in one day using a very old camcorder which died during post production. ┬áDrago then worked nearly non-stop for two days to get the video edited. “We were racing against clock to get the video out to the community before the election,” notes Drago. “The quality could be so much better but we didn’t have much to work with at the time. We weren’t thinking about film festivals. We wanted to reach as many people as we could before the election with the message of love and fairness and Lisa Marie and Noreen conveyed this in spades.”

Gratitude to Lisa Marie and Noreen for allowing us all to share their special day with them (and happy anniversary!). While Proposition 8 passed, the video succeeded in changing the hearts and minds of many who watched it.


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